Tsavo National Park is approximately 11,000 square kilometres of varied bush, arid flatland and desert. Most of the park is the Yatta Plateau, a lava flow 300 kilometres long. Oases along the Athi, Tiva, Tsavo and Voi Rivers relieve the dry scrublands. The park is a wilderness area and the game can be shy but it offers great bio-diversity. Animals commonly seen at Tsavo include elephant, antelope, hippos black rhino, giraffe and eland. Uncommon species seen there include the lesser kudu, gerenuk, fringed-eared oryx, hirola and Peter’s gazelle. Tsavo has a fairly unique climate, as it is only 1400ft above sea level and therefore generally hot and dry. The river and the Yatta Plateau though create a constant breeze and the nights are cool and pleasant.

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