Shaba lies north on the vast semi-desert lands of Northern Kenya. Sarova Shaba is a luxurious lodge set in the "Born Free" (author George Adamson, owner of Else the Lion) country, where glories of nature are concentrated in this semi-desert oasis.


Joy Adamson, who was married to George Adamson, was made famous by the film “Born Free”  and she helped raise Elsa the lioness with George. After setting up in Meru National Park Joy Adamson moved to Shaba National Reserve to raise more animals.
Joy’s Camp consists of 10 luxury Bedouin Somali style tents all over looking the camps own natural spring, which has become the area’s main watering hole. Joy’s Camp is situated at Joy Adamson’s original campsite in Shaba Na
tional Reserve, the place where she released her famous leopard “Penny”. The wildlife  presence is on the increase, with the constant presence of Oryx, zebra, Grevy’s zebra, waterbuck, buffalo, a resident lion pride and elephants. Quite an experience to watch game all day from your verandah which is only 50 metres away. Guides that have visited this site have said that there are only 3 sites with this much permanent game in Kenya; Tsavo West, Tsavo East and here.

These luxury tents are set on raised platforms with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills of Bodich, Shaba Hill. The interiors have an Islamic / Arabic influence as this area is traditionally Muslim. Each sumptuous tent is uniquely decorated with Bedouin-Somali cloth design and bright colours, creating a chic, sophisticated and stylish camp enjoying it’s own private deck, ideal for private game viewing, relaxing, reading and soaking up the truly wild environs offered by Shaba.

Joy’s Camp is the perfect choice for discerning guests interested in a glimpse of Kenyan history, as well as those looking for an authentic wildlife experience combined with the comfort of a luxury-tented camp.

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